Did you know…? Milk Kefir can be swapped out for cream cheese in recipes and also made into ice cream! Keifer is a fermented liquid that provides microbiotics to your diet; it can be made in water or milk. Check out these options for tasty and healthy dairy-based food for your family.

Once the milk starts to curdle it will need to be strained through a cheesecloth. Do not forget to remove your Kefir grains…


  • Finished Milk Kefir
  • Cotton bag or cheesecloth for making cheese
  • Bowl

How to Make Milk Kefir Cream Cheese

  • Once the whey has separated about 1/4 inch from the milk kefir use a cheesecloth to strain so the kefir can separate from the whey.
  • Hang the cheesecloth above a bowl and drain off whey for 12 hours or until the whey stops dripping.
  • When the kefir is no longer dripping, wrap the cheese in the cheesecloth or whatever you use to drain it and place it in a colander.
  • You may place a semi-heavy object on top of the cheesecloth to help the liquid drain the whey faster. Once the whey has drained off the end result will be a delicious, healthy, pro-biotic-filled cream cheese product.

Kefir Cream Cheese!

** Note: Do not toss the whey (liquid) there are millions of amazing digestive enzymes and live probiotics in it too. Transfer it to a glass bottle/jar and store in the fridge for later use. Plants and critters (people too!) love whey!

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