A roast is perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas day feasts because it is large enough to serve an army of guests and extremely easy to prepare. This recipe calls for Farm Fresh Ham, particularly ham with extra fat. Fresh Hams are cut custom to your size family. The recipe below is for a half leg, about a 7 or 8lb roast.

Ingredients for Ham:

Prep Time: 20 minutes Cook Time: 8 hours Serves: 8


If the skin is still on the roast, use a very sharp knife to cut a series of 1-inch gashes all over the skin. Try to cut down to the meat without piercing it, make about 30-40 gashes. Stuff the Sage and Thyme Pork Rub into these gashes, then rub the remainder on the bottom of the roast any other exposed meat. Set the meat in a large crockpot, about 8 hours. Then serve an enjoy!

Notes: Save the drippings for extra added flavor for homemade gravy or bake beans.