GAPS 30-31

Come join GAPS first OnCon Book A Spot Want to learn more about the gut? Have you heard of the full spectrum of the GAPS Nutritional Protocol? Every day new studies are released linking disease and imbalance to the gut microbiome. Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride has been teaching about the importance of the microbiome for over …

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Beef Heart Stew

Beef Heart Stew Here is an absolutely delicious way to prepare beef heart, an inexpensive and nutritious organ meat high in folate and B vitamins. I cannot get enough of this dish!⁣⁣Ingredients ⁣1 beef heart⁣1 yellow onion, chopped finely⁣Salt, pepper, all purpose seasoning⁣2 cups frozen green peas⁣2 tbsp flour⁣8 oz canned diced tomatoes⁣A bit of …

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Dairy Delight

There are many dietary questions when it comes to dairy. Many people believe that they cannot tolerate diary, but usually sensitivities only arise with the lactose and casein proteins. If you correctly culture your dairy (raw or pasteurized), these proteins are eliminated and that dairy product can be eaten with minimal or no problems! In …

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