Create a Bedtime Routines

baby in black tank top lying on black textile

Epsom Salt in the bath – 1 tbsp. to 1 cup in a 20-minute bath as often as once a day. Helps relax and wind down. 

Rest and digest- don’t plan an activity after dinner. Bedtime routine needs to reduce stress & cortisol spike at bedtime.

Limit blue light and LEDs after dinner

Blackout curtains, especially in summer months and for nappers and quiet time 

Turn of the Wi Fi great podcast Why Can’t I Sleep?

NO night lights 

Make sure they’re not hungry at bedtime – good eating habits during the day. 

Gut Healing & Extreme Cases Intense cases of sleeplessness are often a gut issue. Our Sons Story 

Spending time in bright sunlight every day will boost your melatonin production (no sunglasses, light, needs to reach the brain through the eyes). 

In extreme cases, please discuss with your doctor first. 

Is bedtime chaos in your house? Open for help.

baby in black tank top lying on black textile.