The Scoop on Soup

 Do you want to spend less time in the kitchen so
you can spend more time with your family?


Would you like to get the best value for your protein purchases?

Are you looking for natural ways to increase your family’s health?

This two-hour hands-on class will break down the benefits of utilizing more parts of your beef/pork or bird than just the meat you are used to.  You will learn techniques for meal prep and planning that can save you both time and money and recipes to help improve your family’s GUT health.

Why would you want to use ALL the parts of the animal? Besides the cost and time savings, benefits include smoother skin, joint comfort, and strengthening teeth, hair, and nails.

We’ll start by learning how to prepare meat stock and bone broth, the difference between the two, and how they can aid in digestive illness from constipation to diarrhea.

You’ll learn tips for storing large batches of stock to keep in hand for those quick meals on the go.

I also include important lessons on how to utilize ALL the meat, cartilage, marrow, and skin in your meals.

Lastly, let’s talk about the fat, DO NOT throw it away. Fat from pastured animals is like gold. I’ll show you how valuable it is so you don’t make the mistake of discarding it again!

This is YOUR big savings!
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